Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Can't Come Down #134 9_05_2017

Kenny Rogers & The First EditionListen To The MusicReprise1969
The StandellsMr Nobody (1966)Rhino1983
The Liverpool FiveI'm Not Your Stepping StoneRCA1966
Jon & RobinLove Me BabyAbnak1967
13th PowerFourteen Or FightTower1968
13th PowerFifty Two PercentTower1968
The Second TimeSally Le RoyTower1968
The Second TimeListen To The MusicTower1968
Max Frost & The TroopersShape Of Things To ComeTower1968
The SenatorsPsychedelic SenateTower1968
Bruce & The Robin RockersIn My Merry BatmobileSomerset1966
Bruce & The Robin RockersZonk Wap Yeowww!Somerset1966
Dan & DaleJB On The RocksDiplomat1965
Bruce & The Robin RockersGive Em Zap Old ChapSomerset1966
Kai WindingSoul SurfinVerve1963
Kai WindingTube WailVerve1963
Kai WindingSpinnerVerve1963
Kai WindingHearse RideVerve1963
Kai WindingChina NightsVerve1963
Kai WindingSurf BirdVerve1963
Martin DennySong Of The IslandsLiberty1959
Arthur LymanColonel Bogey MarchHi Fi1959
Martin DennyEnchanted SeaLiberty1959
Martin DennyBaia Liberty1959
Martin DennySummertimeLiberty1959
Byron Lee & The DragonairesEast To West Soul1962
Martin Deny American In BaliLiberty1959
Martin DennyPrimitivaLiberty1958
Martin DennyMarch Of The Siamese TwinsLiberty1958
Martin DennySukara Liberty1958
Martin DennyForbbiden Island Liberty1958
Martin DennyTsetse FlyLiberty1959
Arthur LymanReturn To ParadiseHi Fi1960
Martin DennyTrade WindsLiberty1959
Martin DennyMy Isle Of Golden DreamsLiberty1959
Martin DennyStardustLiberty1959
Al Kealoha PerryFire GoddessCapital 1958
Joe Byrd & The Field HippiesKalyaniColumbia1969
Gabor SzaboSophisticated WheelsImpulse1966
Gabor SzaboPaint It Black Impulse1966

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